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Grown up
Your kitten will be vaccinated according to the veterinarian protocol for the proper age of your kitten till time when your kitten reaches 1 y.o.
Kitten starting kit
Starting kid include your contract, signed by the breeder, brochure with food and care recommendations, vaccination card,disk with litter pictures, samples of dry and can food which your kitten get used to, toys and blanket. You need to have with you large pet carrier.
Poisonous for cats
We do ship kittens and prefer nonstop flights. Shipping includes charges for carrier, vet certificate and transportation. Most of the time we are using Alaska Airlines.
Kitten leaves cattery when balance with shipping cost is reseived.
New owner Info
Registration papers
Registration papers for your kitten can be obtained from TICA upon your request and could be sent to you after breeder receive a proof ( copy of vet records) of altering.
Just got home
Set limited space for your new kitten in your house. Let kitty get use to new smells, noises and people. When you got home with your new furry friend, place kitten in to litter box and leave it there. Make sure kitten is drinking, eating and using litter box while in new room. Slowly let kitten explore other areas after 3-4 days in limited space. Has litter box on each floor of your house. When it is comfortable with you, start slowly introducing your kitten to your other animals(dogs, cats) if your kitten is over 90 days old and already had rabies shot.
Safe home
Make you home safe for your new family member. Take some tips on how to do this here :
=We do not cage kittens or cats. They raised under feet but adults and kittens are separated.
= We do not slip with all our cats in the same bed.
We feed mixed diet - raw meat, raw goat milk , yogurt , queal eggs and meat, and processed food. We recommend to keep your kitten on the same diet.
=Our cats get used to alcaline water.
=Deposit for kitten is not refundable.
 =If you are unable to pick up your cat/kitten due to vacation or any other circumstances and kittens would have to stay longer in our house, additional boarding fee will be charged for each day of delay. So, please, plan accordingly.
=You kitten will be prepared to go to new home when it is around 16 weeks old after all vaccination is done.
=Our contrast is universal for any cases so, ignore statements which do not apply to your situation, please.
=We can screen your kitten for HCM per your request but in this case kitten's tummy will be shaved. Remember, HCM test reflects only current condition. Any other tests could be run on customer's request.
=Kitten will be microchipped.
=We are providing each kitten with the opportunity to get insurance with no waiting period within the US.
Other useful info
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