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We are a small cattery, situated in Seattle, WA. Our cattery started from one cat - a blue British Shorthair girl which we brought from Russia. She has European, International and World Champion lines in her pedigree. She has never been bred with Americans cats so, she has a little different standard in her appearance. If you are reading this page now, Dear Visitor, that means that you are interested of this breed also, like I was a while ago.
Everybody, at least once in his or her life, must decide what kind of pet they would like to have in their life. Should it be a dog or a cat, or something else? I decided that it should be both a dog and a cat because I couldn't choose which one I wanted more. (Actually, I wanted a dog in the beginning.) But this creates another set of problems - what kind of dog? The more important question here was what kind of cat? I started looking at breeds that fit with my lifestyle and habits, my expectations and characters. I wanted something warm, fluffy, sympathetic, cozy, and a long-term companion. And this is where the difficult part begins. Read how I went from surprising comprehension to admiration and love.
When I was thinking about a breed I made these primary statements of qualities I would like to see in my cat:
It should not be too small. I wanted a strong, solid, feline body.
It should be unpretentious and have a good health.
It should not be dainty because previously I had purchased a Pembroke-Welsh Corgi dog with strong muscles and without delicate or aristocratic manners. When the two would be playing, the cat should stand its ground.
According to what I have written above, the cat should have a Spartican constitution and should be extremely tolerant, like the English. It should be a cat that can firmly exist with the high energy Welsh Corgi. A cat that can give and receive much attention and a cat that can go to shows and accept the adventure of traveling from show to show.
The coat should not be an issue. I did not want to spend our days grooming the cat. I did not want to be constantly dealing with hairballs. And, I didn't want to run around the house all the time with a vacuum cleaner (at least no more than was necessary).
It should be fun, social and active. The cat should not lay arround all day in a dark corner of the house like a boot which makes you feel that the cat doesn't exist in the home.
It should not be too obtrusive because when you come home from work you want to relax and not pet by your weak hands an annoying and chattering cat. Again, the cat should not to be too talkative and not audio-mix my every step by its musical interpretation. The cat should be modest in food because I don't want to prance around the kitchen with a knife and a calorie table trying to combine healthy with taste.
In the end, I liked the "Teddy Bear" look. There is no reason except that I like this look. I looked on the qualities and desired traits I identified but was not sure that I could find such a breed.
I searched the Internet and soon found the cat that met my dreams. I loved the appearance of this cat. I saw a Teddy Bear with sparkling, smart and funny eyes. The "Teddy Bear" was alive! I found a breeder and started asking her how often you should clean the kitten, how to feed it, how to care for it, etc. The breeder did not understand all my concerns about the relationship with the dog and the welfare of the cat. It was not because she did not understand my concerns. It was because there is no problem with this.
Well, I bought the kitten and then I received everything I have been dreaming about.
After she arrived at our house she became the center of our attention and love. Now she reigns in our house. She understands the weak elements of the dog's character and manipulates this very well. She shows who is the queen here.
British Shorthair - these words bring power and a self-possessed confidence, an aristocratic and enduring softness, and an inflexible character in a cat. This breed, like nothing else, characterizes the British. They are prim and proper, rough and ready, intelligent yet not annoying, calm, and without unexpected reactions.
These cats are social and communicative. However, because of their independent character, in communication with humans they retain their dignity, self-respect and significance.
They will never let you take liberties. They want to be admired and they deserve this.
In our lives, people want to have something constant, stabile and reliable. This cat can give you all of this. They are the symbol of coziness, tranquility and self-retrained.
If your cat has all of the above then may be your cat is a British Shorthair.
In conclusion, if your cat:
Looks like a Teddy bear and when you pet her, it feels the same;
Lets you do what you want to do with it, which is to not makes the cat feels miserable;
Is first in the line to be feed but after all what cat would refuse something else to eat; Feels as if it is Royalty;
Lives for you infinitely but will never be obtrusive;
Does not need everyday care and you wash it when you spill paint on it and the cat forgives you for this.
Then this is your British Shorthair. Who always warms to you with strong love and is never annoying.
So, make the choice and bring home one of the oldest breeds of England. The British Shorthair because the only thing better than a British Shorthair is two British Shorthairs.
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