RW TGC Cheshirelady Galateya Dali
FLV, FIV ,PKD,HCM - negative
Weight - 13.8 LB
Cheshirelady Zara
FLV, FIV ,PKD,HCM - negative
Weight -12.2 LB
CH Cheshirelady Dadolla
Cheshirelady Kaisa
FLV, FIV ,PKD,HCM - negative
Weight- 13.4 LB
FLV, FIV ,PKD,HCM - negative
Weight - 12.3 LB
" I love cats because I love my home and after a while they become its visible soul." Jean Cocteau
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Our past and present Queens

QGH Cheshirelady Galateya Dali ch cheshirelady dadolla Cheshirelady zara blue girl female
Born 07/09/2013
Color Blue
Mother-Champion Cheshirelady Xavier
Father-Regional Winner, Supreme Grand Champion Britz Ben Hur of Sterlingbrits
Born 04/01/2015
Color Blue
Born 10/31/2014
Color Blue
Born 04/23/2015
Color Blue
Father-Regional Winner, Supreme Grand Champion Britz Ben Hur of Sterlingbrits
Mother-Champion Cheshirelady Rada Gypcy
Mother-Champion Cheshirelady Miss Hudson
Mother-Champion Cheshirelady Glafira
Father-Regional Winner, Supreme Grand Champion Cheshirelady Phantom Holmes
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Cheshirelady cattery site map
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