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Cheshirelady cattery
Litter F6
Mother : Emeraldy Esmeralda of Cheshirelady, blue golden shaded
We have blue femals availalbe
"Kittens are born with their eyes shut. They open them in about six days, take a look around, then close them again for the better part of their lives." Stephen Baker
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Born 02-12-2018
Father : Ursus Bell Arden, seal links point
Mother : Cheshirelady Sevara, black golden shaded
Litter 6
Born 04-04-2018
Litter K6
Born 03-26-2018
Father : Ursus Bell Arden of Cheshirelady
Mother : Zabava Bell Arden of Cheshirelady
Available kittens
british shorthair blue lilac silver golden links point chocolate cinnamon kitten cat resort004095.jpg resort004094.jpg resort004092.jpg resort004089.jpg resort004088.jpg resort004086.jpg resort004085.jpg resort004083.jpg resort004082.jpg resort004080.jpg resort004079.jpg resort004077.jpg resort004076.jpg resort004074.jpg
We have golden shaded young adult female for sale
Father : IW SGC Cheshirelady Jacob uno Memento,blue
resort004073.jpg resort004071.jpg resort004068.jpg resort004067.jpg resort004065.jpg resort004062.jpg
we have black golden ticked tabby boy available
resort004059.jpg resort004056.jpg resort004055.jpg resort004053.jpg resort004050.jpg resort004047.jpg resort004044.jpg resort004041.jpg resort004038.jpg resort004037.jpg resort004035.jpg resort004034.jpg resort004032.jpg resort004031.jpg resort004029.jpg resort004028.jpg resort004026.jpg
we have blue golden shaded kittens available
resort004025.jpg resort004023.jpg resort004022.jpg resort004020.jpg resort004019.jpg resort004017.jpg resort004016.jpg resort004014.jpg resort004013.jpg resort004011.jpg resort004010.jpg resort004008.jpg resort004007.jpg resort004005.jpg resort004004.jpg resort004002.jpg