Kittens available for adoption

Litter M6
"Kittens are born with their eyes shut. They open them in about six days, take a look around, then close them again for the better part of their lives." Stephen Baker
Born 06-17-2018
Litter K6,
Born 03-26-2018
We have adults for sale but not in blue color
Silver links point male, available
Litter R6
Father : IW SGC Cheshirelady Jacob uno Momento,
British Shorthair
Born 08-03-2018
Mother : Cheshirelady Ulika,
Selkirk rex
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Mother :
Emeraldy Esmeralda of Cheshirelady, blue golden shaded
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Litter U6
Born 09-04-2018
Father :
 Ursus Bell Arden of Cheshirelady,
Seal Links Point
resort004052.jpg resort004050.jpg resort004049.jpg resort004047.jpg
Mother :
Cheshirelady Astrid,
Father :
RW SGC Cheshirelady Hobbit, Blue

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Litter Q6
Born 09-01-2018
resort004045.jpg resort004043.jpg
Father :
DGC Cheshirelady Xander,
Black golden shaded
Mother :
Triumpher Golden Luisa,
Black golden shaded
resort004042.jpg resort004040.jpg
We have 1 black golden shaded female available
resort004039.jpg resort003004.jpg resort004036.jpg resort004034.jpg resort004033.jpg resort004031.jpg resort004030.jpg resort004028.jpg resort004027.jpg resort004025.jpg resort004024.jpg resort004022.jpg resort004021.jpg resort004019.jpg resort004018.jpg resort004016.jpg
Litter T6
Born 09-02-2018
resort004015.jpg resort004013.jpg
Father :
Ursus Bell Arden,
Seal Links Point
Mother :
Beatris Angelica of
Silver links point
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