Litter W6

" People that hate cats will come back as mice in their next life." Faith Resnick
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Litter M6

Born 06/05/2018
resort007025.jpg resort007023.jpg resort007020.jpg resort007017.jpg
Blue golden female Mila,
She is sweet, affectionate girl. She is shy but she loves to be on your lap. She may sit on your lap long time purring and enjoying your company.
resort007016.jpg resort007014.jpg resort007011.jpg resort007008.jpg
Blue golden male Marcus,
He is gorges boy but not open to people at first. You need to earn his trust and you need to be patient. He is not annoying at all and would not bug you for attention if you do not want it.
Parents are:
resort007007.jpg resort007005.jpg resort007004.jpg resort007002.jpg
Father :
Ursus Bellarden,
Seal Silver Point
Mother :
Emeraldy Esmiralda of Cheshirelady, Blue Golden Shaded
These babies are like their mom - it is hard to do a god picture of them. She started posing only when she was 2 yo before I was not able to do any of her pictures at all. These babies are really inexpensive for their quality and color.