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=We breed ceveral colors of British Shorthair -classic blue, lilac, chocolate, cinnamon, black, time to time we have silver and golden shaded kittens with green eyes, seal point color with the blue eyes. Also, we have only one girl who may produce marble tabby British Shorthair cats - gorges rear color. We do not have such kittens all the time, so, we are running waiting list for rear colors Brits.

=Also, we have one Selkirk Rex Girl who is producing kittens time to time. Selkirk Rex cats are similar to British Shorthair by temperement, body type vise and coat vise. In one litter this girl may have curly and strait haired kittens and straight haired ones is very easy to mix with British Shorthair unless you run genetic test. This is legal outcrossing and even crossing Selkirk rex cat with British Shorthair cats all kittens are pedigreed kittens and can be registered upon your request.

=British Shorthair cats are not considered as hypoallergenic cats. Based on the last research cat's saliva cause allergy, not the hair. Hair is, actually, the sours to spread allergen around your house when shedding. However, Selkirk rex curly cats may be less cause of allergy reaction due to the fact that their hair stay on the cat - curls catching dead hair and they do not fall. Brushing helps to reduce amount of allergen round house, vacuum cleaning more frequently.

=All kittens born with blue eyes and it takes time for eye color to develop. Eye color may keep changing the whole life and the color start changing closer to 8 weeks old. The most intensive color teenagers have. Eye color can keep changing till cat is 2-3 S.O.S. come colors, like silver/golden shaded. Closer to old age the eye color getting less and less bright but the coat color, completely opposite, getting slightly darker and specially in color pointed cats.

=What mean litter number? Kitten names within one litter assigned alphabetic and numeric sequence at birth to determine name, family and age during litter cycles. For example kitten from litter G4 - Galaxy means this kitten from litter, which was assigned letter G, from 4th cycle of alphabet. This is pretty common system around breeders in Europe knowing this you may judge about experience breeder has.

=Why my boy does not have big cheeks? British Shorthair males do not have neck, thy have shoulders cheeks and head. Cheeks are developing first 1-1.5 years and getting only bigger since boy starts mating. This happen because when British boy starting sexually maturing his body starts producing testosterone and this results in growing cheeks. If you neuter your boy early you would not give a chance nature to do it's work and cheeks are not growing. Your boy will look like a girl, who, normally, do not have cheeks. Also, early neutering may cause health issue in this very slow maturing breed. So, for these who are buying British boys I would recommend to keep your boy as long as posibles full cat.

=Is British Shorthair cats shed a lot? Yes, they do shed as any other cats on this planet -2 times a year. However, the amount of hair depends of many factors like temperature, food, skin problems , etc. They do require some coat maintenance - brushing your cat will help with the loose hair and wet hands may be usefull as well. Of course the amount of loose hair is less than the long haired breeds have, but still double coat producing quite amount of dead hair which needs to be removed from you kitty.

=How to read cat's name? Cats, normally, have cattery name staying in front of the name of a cat. This means that this kitty was born in this cattery. For instance Cheshirelady Galateya Dali was born in Cheshirelady cattery. If the cattery name stays after Cat's name, this means that a cat was purchased from some other cattery and belongs now to new breeder. In this case the same cat would have name Cheshirelady Galateya Dali of .....cattery name which she belongs to at this time. This will help you understand how many generations in pedigree this cat has in the catery.


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